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Taman Rama Intercultural School is a licensed SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) school


Our school offers the Cambridge international pathways; Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS and A-levels, and the Nasional Ijazah for Indonesians

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School report card meetings with parents are held twice per semester

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Results from the Cambridge international June 2020 examination series were released on Tuesday, 11 August. Owing to the global pandemic, Cambridge June 2020 examination series was canceled worldwide and Cambridge calculated grades based on school’s evidence predicted grades and Cambridge’s statistical analysis.
Seven graduates received exceptional grades,


GIANNINA AILEEN TAN who achieved 4 A* in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics,

MEILINDA PRISCILIA LESMANA achieved 4 A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics,

FELICIA SINDHU achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics,

ELENA VIANCA achieved 2 A* and 1 A grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics,

SHARON WASKITO achieved 2 A*, 1 A grades in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics,

GRACIA CHRISTABELLE achieved 2 A* grades in Accounting and Mathematics, and

ASWIN KUMAR who achieved 3 A grades in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


The highest achieving subject was A-level Chemistry followed by A-level Mathematics, then A-level Physics. At the AS-level the highest achieving subject was IT, followed by Mathematics.

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Opening Schedule

Preschool / Cambridge Primary / Cambridge Secondary / Cambridge Advanced

Monday to Friday
07:20 to 14.20

School Uniform and Books

Contact the bookstore via Whatsapp +6282144690517 to make an appointment to buy books or uniform


Jln. Cokroaminoto No. 382A – Ubung Kaja, Denpasar 80116
Bali – Indonesia

Messages From the Principal and Academic Directors

Mr. James Bird

Academic Director, Secondary

Ms. Rovelyn Galeng

Academic Director, Primary
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Lieticia Felisha Darsana Alumni

"My time at Taman Rama Intercultural School was excellent. My favourite classes were Business studies, Travel and Tourism as well as Art and Design. At first I struggled with economics in Business Studies. I was not a studious student but the teacher encouraged me to work harder. I remember he would approach his students and invest his time in encouraging us to strive for more. I spent weeks trying to keep up with his classes and it was 100% worth my time. I definitely became studious and now that I am in university, all the knowledge and skills that I was forced to learn along the way have given me the best preparation. I now understand the advantages of learning AS/A Level subjects as it has helped me to understand and analyse various problems and find solutions in my current studies. I also noticed that the quality of my work increased rapidly during my senior year giving another advantage for me. As for Art & Design, I find it very interesting and intriguing. Taking Art was one of the best choices I made as it is now one of my best skills. Art not only honed my drawing skills, it also developed my critical thinking."

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Cipta Wijaya Alumni

"After completing A-levels, I enrolled to Bali International Flight Academy for my cadet program. Now, I am a qualified first officer of the Airbus A320 series for Indonesia AirAsia."

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Armianto Sumitro Alumni

"Taking A-levels taught me so many things that have carried over to this day, making the transition from high school to university. Cambridge A-levels taught me how to study and prepare for any given task. Knowing how to manage time and to ask the right questions. I am now entering my third year as a Software Engineer at the University of Alberta and am now a research intern designing my own database for a research team that does machine learning on control systems."

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Marina Kobayashi Alumni

"I completed the Bachelors of International Business from Monash University in 2017. I’ve also graduated with a GPA 4, making it to the deans honours list (top 1 percentile).I am currently working as an Accountant in Melbourne, but I am moving to Japan next year to start my career as a Business Consultant at Deloitte."

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Audi Sanjaya Alumni

"After completing my Cambridge A-levels at Taman Rama School, I did my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at JCU, experiencing both Australia and Singapore campuses. Upon graduating from JCU, I received an Erasmus+ scholarship to do my MSc in Europe (University of Southampton, Universidad del Pais Vasco-Bilbao & Universite de Liege). In 2017, I joined DHI Water and Environment Singapore as an Environmental Consultant."

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Dewa Bagus Made Surya Raharja Alumni

"I went to JMC Academy Sydney studying Film & Television after guidance from my teachers at Taman Rama School in late 2014. I have created a good reputation for myself and made great connections that will help me with my career. Recently, I just finished my first short film as writer, producer & cinematographer and I am currently the Film & Television Studio Supervisor at JMC Academy Sydney and I also lecture one of the subjects for the first trimester students."

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Antonio Sigma Sanjaya Alumni

"My Cambridge qualifications got me accepted at Hanze University of Applied Science, Groningan, Netherlands where I studied Sensor Technology. Sensors are used in all aspects of life. Smart cities, smart mobility, smart industry, smart phones, smart watches. Also in heath care, sports, agriculture and the energy sector. Even in places you do not expect. Sensor technology is everywhere!"

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